Q: Why hire Artlay Studio to press my flowers?

Artlay Studio was started after Gigi’s brief residence in Arizona. Drawn to the desert landscape, she collected local wildflowers as keepsake whenever she travels. For her, preserving flowers means being able to relive the memories and feelings associated with our most cherished moments.

  • Hiring Artlay Studio means transforming your flowers from your special day into an heirloom piece of wall art to cherish your favourite moments with your loved ones. This personally crafted floral piece not only saves your flowers from being discarded, but also is a symbolic piece holding your memories.



Q: I’d love a custom piece, how soon after an event do you need the flowers?

  • We recommend having flowers 2-3 days after they are cut as there will be a higher chance of color retention and fewer chances of browning. The quicker your flowers come to us, the better your end results will be.



Q:How long after my wedding will I receive my pressed floral framed piece?

    • Floral pressing takes 4-6 weeks to ensure all moisture is taken out of the flower and foliage. After they are pressed, you will receive 2 floral design compositions, 8 weeks after the floral drop. Once the final look is confirmed, we will get a local frame maker to customise and this whole process takes up to 2 months to complete.
    • Floral preservation is a slow and beautiful art form. A ton of time, care and attention to detail go into each frame, ensuring that you will get the best quality floral piece.



Q: How are flowers pressed and preserved?

  • We press flowers in a natural and traditional way using a wooden flower press and other modern methods.
  • Flowers create long lasting memories, while flower preservation preserves a core memory. The colors of flowers will fade gradually as time passes by but the memories created and emotions felt never will. This is definitely a piece for generations to admire the natural process.
  1. Q: Can you press an all white bouquet?
  • Typically, we try to avoid a one colour tone floral arrangement as all white/ivory/ light flowers have the highest chance of browning.



    1. Q: How should I care for my flowers before I hand them off to you?

Bouquets are usually thirsty as they have been out for a full day. To care for your flowers, place the flowers back in the water & store somewhere cool at the end of the night.


      1. Q: How do I book my spot?



        1. Q: How long does the flowers last in the frame?
    • When preserving, there will be less chance for browning and a higher chance of color retention when the blooms are fresher (2-3 days after they are cut).
    • Due to the organic and natural process, flowers will not be pressed out and retain their color exactly as they were when fresh. Please expect some browning and color fading over the years. All the colors eventually fade a bit over the years but that’s the beauty of it! 



          1. Q: How do I care for my frame?
  • To best care for your pressed floral frames, we recommend:
  • • Framing it in your living space, office space, or your bedroom
    • • Avoiding direct sunlight and UV rays as they are preserved flowers’ enemies.



            1. Q: I have a dried flower bouquet, can it be pressed?
  • As the flowers are preserved on their own, we would need to take a look at the condition and the type of flowers, especially roses. Dried flower petals tend to crumble or look out of shape once the pressure is added on from the flower press.



              1. Q: Are you able to do a bouquet style arrangement in the frame?
  • Artlay Studio’s aesthetics lean towards the airy and minimalist style. The idea is inspired by John James Audubon’s vintage botanical prints, and we would like to best bring out his botanical print style to flower friends like you!



                1. Q: Are you able to add in words/names?
  • Yes and it’s complimentary! Indicate in the email and we will work this out for you.